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Your SandStory Skills trainings and workshops, are they in person or online ?

I offer training in a variety of different formats, including

  • Online Live Groups

  • Online Evergreen Individual format

  • In person training for groups (adhering to social distancing)


As a Play Therapist how are you regulated ?

As I completed my training with  PTUK I am on their Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists which is regulated and overseen by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

Who is Play Therapy for ?

Play Therapy can be used for children who:   

  • Are not realising their full potential - academically, or socially.

  • Have nightmares or have disturbed sleep.

  • Are at risk of being/is excluded from school.

  • Have suffered trauma.

  • Are suffering because of separated/divorced parents.

  • Suffer from anxiety, stress or phobias.

  • Have suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind.

  • Are withdrawn or continually unhappy.

  • Are ill, disabled, or autistic.

  • Find it difficult to make friends.

  • Quarrel frequently with peers or siblings.

  • Bully others or are being bullied themselves.

  • Display inappropriate behaviour.

  • Don’t play.

I am very interested in enrolling in one of your training courses but am concerned about the cost, do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely ! I offer a number of different payment plans. contact me for more information.

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