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SandStory Skills®

SandStory Skills® is an exciting, new international training designed for professional, non-therapists involved in the care and support of the emotional wellbeing and personal growth of children and young people. Whatever your role; TA, SENCO Behavioural Support Practitioner, ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), Nurture Group Leaders, Pastoral Teams, or childminders. Embarking on this journey will provide you with the soft skills required to not only nurture 

and support the children in you care, but will inspire them to naturally “tell their story in the sand”.

More importantly they have their needs met through “having their story heard!”


The ways in which SandStory Skills® could benefit your setting are endless. For example, when welcoming an new child into the school, helping year 6 pupils who are finding the idea of transition into secondary school a challenge, the breakdown in their family, or to help unpick and gain an understanding of children with challenging behaviour.

On completion of this training course participants will be awarded the title of “Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioner" and invited to become a part of the International SandStory Association. 

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